Full Album Stream: KOSM – “Cosmonaut”

KOSM cite Tool, Gojira and Mastodon as three of their main influences, and all three can be heard loud and clear on their new album, Cosmonaut. The technical, progressive musicianship of Tool meets the crushing grooves and rhythmic vocals of Gojira, and Mastodon’s ear for riffy, thunderous prog are all present on Cosmonaut, which features some of the most technical metal I’ve heard this year outside of, you know, technical death metal.

Unsurprising, based on the cover art, Cosmonaut is inspired by science fiction and HP Lovecraft.

Cosmonaut is a concept album loosely based on the weird-fiction of HP Lovecraft, and borrowing concepts from the science fiction of Frank Herbert, and Roger Zelazny,” KOSM told Decibel. “The album follows a cosmonaut on a cosmic journey through time and space; from the earthly confines of mortal life, to ascendancy as an immaterial and omnipotent being. The cosmonaut’s journey is essentially symbolic, serving as a commentary on the human experience: a journey from confusion and anger, to transcendence and self-understanding.”

Embark on the journey with a full stream below.