Full Album Stream: Organic – “Carved in Flesh”

It could just be my social media echo chamber, but I’ve noticed an increasing number of people decrying the use of HM2 pedal in death metal, presumably so that we can move on to a new wave of Incantation worship. Those people need not read any further, because Organic use the HM2 to its full effect on their debut album, Carved in Flesh.

This is death metal in the vein of Dismember and Grave—filthy, groovy, crunchy. Organic don’t waste time, either; each songs cuts straight to the point and the band goes straight for the throat with buzzsaw riffs and disgusting vocals, plus a rhythm section that drives every punchy groove straight into the listener’s brain.

Testimony Records releases Carved in Flesh on November 16. Dark Descent will stock a vinyl variant for US customers.