Track Premiere: Death Vanish – ‘Saturnian Realms Return’

“This song is about being taken over by primal and primitive parts of one’s consciousness, the return of pure instinct. Musically, the song structure and arrangement is influenced by bands like Blasphemy and Conqueror – constant forward movement with no repeating parts.” So says Valder, the sole individual behind primitive black metal entity Death Vanish.

Like Valder’s other group, One Master, Death Vanish disseminate cacophonous, primitive black metal. Death Vanish is noisy and as lo-fi as black metal comes, influenced by artists like Beherit, writing short and to-the-point songs like “Saturnian Realms Return,” which you can hear below. “Saturnian Realms Return” hails from the upcoming EP Cold Hammer of Melancholy, which is due out later this month on Eternal Death.