Track Premiere: Bane – ‘Wretched Feast’

Photo: Aleksandra Panić

Hot off a United States tour with rising black metal superstars Uada, blackened death metal outfit Bane are prepared to strike while the iron is hot, releasing their first new album in six years with Esoteric Formulae. Now located in Canada instead of their native Serbia, bandleader Branislav Panić (guitar/vocals) has assembled a new lineup for Esoteric Formulae and they are a deadly team.

Cold black metal melodies swirl around aggressive, well-produced death metal and Hour of Penance guitarist Giulio Moschini makes an appearance to tear through an intense, melodic guitar solo.

”We’re very excited to have Decibel magazine premiere ”Wretched Feast’,’ possibly the fastest and most aggressive song from Esoteric Formulae,”Panić says. “It displays a darker, edgier side of our new album and to have Giulio from Hour Of Penance rip a guitar solo for this track is just an absolute honor.”

Black Market Metal Label will release Esoteric Formulae on November 30.