Track Premiere: Foghound – ‘In Due Time’

Maryland-based doom/heavy rockers Foghound were faced with an awful reality when late bassist Rev. Jim Forrester was shot and killed in an apparent robbery gone wrong in December 2017. At the time of Forrester’s untimely and tragic death, Foghound were in the studio completing work on their new album, Awaken to Destroy. Ultimately, the band decided to push forward and honor their bandmate’s memory; Forrester’s playing is heard on the album, making Awaken to Destroy his last album as well as a tribute from the band to him.

And what a tribute it is! “In Due Time,” the song that Decibel is premiering today, oozes with grooves, emotive guitar playing and lyrics that remember Forrester.

“‘In Due Time’ is about letting things running their course, sung from the perspective of Karma,” explains drummer/vocalist Chuck Dukeheart, III. “For the evil doers, overblown egomaniacs, sociopaths and their actions, things will eventually catch up with you and there will be a price to pay. With any hope anyway.”

“The song ‘In Due Time’ came together fairly quickly in the studio one day when Rev. Jim and I arrived at the studio an hour or so early for tracking,” he adds of writing the song. “Jim had these awesome riffs laying around that we hadn’t had the chance to flesh out as a group yet. So we took the opportunity to to work out a structure as a rhythm section and get it on tape, capturing lighting in a bottle, with the other guys (Bob Sipes, lead guitars/vocals) and Dee Settar (guitars/keys/vocals) adding their contributions later.”

Hear it for yourself below. Awaken to Destroy will be released via Ripple Music on November 23.

Album release shows:

Sat November 10th at Metro Gallery Baltimore (w/ Foghound / Demon Eye/ Haze Mage/ Beelzefuzz)
Sat November 17th at Oliver Brewing Company Baltimore Awaken To Destroy Double IPA beer release party (w/ Foghound/ Wasted Theory / I Am The Liquor)