Track Premiere: Aempyrean – ‘Undying Scourge’

Though formed in mid-2015, Fireborn, the debut EP from Indian black/thrashers Aempyrean, wouldn’t be out of place among the death and thrash metal albums on the ’80s and early ’90s. Combining old-school production with blazing riffs and a crushing rhythm section, Aempyrean wouldn’t be out of place on your playlist next to Absu, Possessed and even Sepultura.

Aempyrean also cite seminal death metal groups like Morbid Angel as one of their influences, something you can hear pretty clearly on “Undying Scourge,” the track we are streaming today.

“The longest track on the album,” vocalist B.R. notes, “This was also the only one where we didn’t confine ourselves to a structure. We just went where the riffs took us, and we kept it interesting with mid-paced passages intertwined with very fast riffs.”

Fireborn is out December 1 via Cyclopean Eye.