Full Album Stream: Pandiscordian Necrogenesis – “Outer Supernal”

Pandiscordian Necrogenesis is the work of one Ephemeral Domignostika and is a completely improvised project. When Domignostika enters the studio, “all music is performed live and improvised by Domignostika with the use of a bass drum, snare, and hi hat (all played by foot), guitar, and voice,” a press release notes. The end result is Outer Supernal, a maelstrom of abrasive, raw black metal with flecks of doom, death and thrash metal.

Outer Supernal is an improvised creation excised from the furthest damaged deviations,” notes Domignostika. “This record is a complete document of obsessive discipline and tortuous impulsion, culling alien processes of non-linear composition through uncalculated torrents. What is left is an exhaustive consummation of obscuring filth and unhindered veracity.”

Outer Supernal is out tomorrow on Gilead Media.