Full Album Stream: The Heretics Fork – “Tormentore”

I know literally nothing about The Heretics Fork beyond their music. They don’t have a Facebook page, Metal Archives has never heard of the band and a Google search just brings up a few metal blogs also wondering who the members of The Heretics Fork are.

What I do know, and what you can hear, is that The Heretics Fork deal in a most brutal form of death metal, tuning down to a ridiculous extent as they serve up bludgeoning riff after bludgeoning riff. The drummer does not know anything except blasting, and the snare sound could make even the slammiest of heshers salivate. Then there’s the vocals: the unknown vocalist of The Heretics Fork has a gurgling, guttural growl capable of rattling my brain via my headphones.

In short, if you like your death metal brutal, The Heretics Fork are really brutal. Tormentore is out on October 31 via P2 Records, but you can stream it in full below.