Full EP Stream: Seventh Genocide – “SVNTH”

Italian black meddlers Seventh Genocide have spawned an interesting take on black metal, delving deeper into psychedelia and post-rock influences on new EP SVNTH. Though the tremolo-picked guitar playing and blast beats accompanied by howled screams still remain, they are met with shimmering melodies, ambient stretches and Pink Floyd-esque guitars.

At their core, though, Seventh Genocide play black metal. Their ability to craft fresh riffs is still the focal point of the band, from the thrashy “Martial Eyes”—which devolves into tripped-out insanity later in the song—to the relentless dirge of “Clouds of Desolation.” Because of this fact, the outside influences are fresh and welcome, actually underscoring the intensity and rawness found in Seventh Genocide’s traditional black metal parts.

SVNTH releases October 28, but you should listen to it below.