Track Premiere: I AM – ‘Hard 2 Kill’

OK, so the song has a number in the title, but you don’t need to jump the fuck up. At least, not like that. “Hard 2 Kill” is a brand-new single from self-proclaimed “dive bomb, guitar-driven metal that the world needs” band I AM. Let’s analyze: there are dive bombs. There are riffs. There are breakdowns and an abundance of opportunities to mosh. There are shades of death metal here, even if “incredibly heavy hardcore” might be a more accurate descriptor. In other words, I AM and their brand of “Texas death” check out.

Dive bombs and feedback lead into two-step-worthy riffs, which lead into an even slower breakdown. Like fellow Texas wrecking crew Power Trip, I AM know how to write songs that make you want to move.

“Growing up in a lower income situation, I always wanted to be on the other side, where my mother didn’t have to worry about feeding us,” explains vocalist Andrew Hileman. “This song is about realizing I never needed that shit. Be empowered with who you are. Let people’s ignorance make you stronger.”

Hard 2 Kill is out on November 2 via fledgling label 1126 Records.