Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis II Compilation Released; Benefits Doctors Without Borders

Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis II, the second installment in a series of compilations organized by UK-based label Blackened Death and benefitting Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian aid group who assist and provide medical aid to conflict zones and countries affected by disease, is officially released today. Featuring offerings from Creepsylvanians Ghoul, internet sensations Neckbeard Deathcamp and Gaylord and others like HellripperJucifer and Immortal Bird, the compilation features 44 tracks across numerous extreme metal genres.

In a statement via Bandcamp, Blackened Death posted, “44 tracks spanning death metal, black metal, thrash, crust, industrial, 3 hours of antifascist audio destruction, and 100% of all day one sales are being donated to Doctors Without Borders. Let’s knock fascism on its ass, spread some metal, and get medical aid to those who desperately need it. Underground forever.”

You can stream Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis II and purchase it at name-your-price below. If you’d prefer to donate directly to Doctors Without Borders, you can do so here.