Full Album Stream: Eadem – “Luguber”

Portugal produces some of the strangest metal bands in the West; Iron Bonehead is a renowned curator of daring and singular sounds, but even bearing this in mind, Eadem will surprise you.

Formed in 2009, the Portuguese trio have already self-released two demo CDs, and Luguber is their debut album. Six tracks long, Luguber is technically a mini album, but really, it’s more of a dark and snaking journey through a deep psychotic mindscape.

According to Stramonivm, Eadem’s guitarist/vocalist, that’s exactly how Luguber should come across.
“Yeah, our music and particularly for this mini album represents insanity (mixing with melancholy and alcoholism),” Stramonivm explains. “I tried to represent the stages that someone gets when [they] go crazy. It is about an entity (female) and the diseases that she gets on the asylum (every track’s name [after] a real disease). This is about an intense journey through her spirituality or lack of.”

He references the lyric: “Take us and bring us across the fields back to you.”


Get Luguber October 19th on CD and 12” vinyl from Iron Bonehead.