Video Premiere: Anomalie – ‘Temples’

Photo: Sunvemetal

Despite having just released the full-length album Visions last year, Austrian black metal duo Anomalie have already returned with a new EP, titled Integra, for release later this year. Combining aggressive but spacious black metal with screams and rhythmically sung vocals, Anomalie use new song “Temples” to offer a critique of organized religion. The accompanying video splices together clips of various negative events, all inspired by religion or that occurred at religious gatherings, from televangelists demonstrating to massive audiences to Charlottesville to riots, military action and acts of terror.

At the end of the video, multi-instrumentalist and main man Marrok is seen building a shrine or temple of his own.

“It is more important than ever to build our very own personal temples, physically and even more on a metaphysical level,” Marrok tells Decibel. “Let’s build realms of inner strength, apart from the destructive idea of religion. The topic itself is for sure not a new one, but more contemporary than ever and it is on us to lead by example!”

Integra is coming on November 9 via AOP.