Blast Worship: Meth Leppard

Where they from? Adelaide, Australia. According to Wikipedia, Adelaide is the fifth most populous city in Australia and contains 75% of the total population of southern Australia. Citizens from the area are known as “Adelaideans,” which sounds like some Star Trek-type shit.

What do they sound like? Grindcore, just good, old-fashioned, honest-to-god grindcore.

Why the hype? It feels a little weird to be focusing this series on a band that I feel like most grindcore devotees should be very familiar with at this point, but I decided to do so anyway because A.) this band fucking rips and B.) I assume not everyone who reads this website is an über diehard who masturbates to the thought of Dave Witte’s Mueller stroke. Ugh, he is just so great.

Anyway, in all honesty, when I first heard about this band, I was really turned off by their name. I lived through the late aughts craze of bands with joke names and found that most of them truly sucked, so I had sort of written this band off even before I heard anything they did. And as I mentioned in my half-year review, during this band’s set at MDF I figured I’d run out to get a quick sandwich from the nearby 7-Eleven, only to return less than 5 minutes later to find that they had finished playing. It’s one of my most regrettable things I’ve done in the past ten years and trust me, I have a lot of things to regret.

What I truly love about this band is that they have find the right formula of combining a truly snarky and cynical sense-of-humor alongside their music without compromising the brutality or irreverence of either. Their music is rare in that it embraces the absurdity of playing this type of music while also writing vicious riffs that can stand side-by-side with contemporaries like Death Toll 80K and fellow aussies Captain Cleanoff in terms of grindcore ass-beaters. Also, they’re a two-piece, so I’m sure that makes it easy for them to schedule practices.

Latest Release: They have a split with the equally awesome Deterioration coming out in January and recently released a live bootleg of one of their local shows, but their last proper release was a split with Minimum Wage Assassins from July of this year. The five songs they recorded for that were my first real intro to the band and I can assure you, they very much kick ass. Also, they did a split last year with Durian and I just real-quick want to give a shout out to Durian’s drummer Ben Wood who recently celebrated a birthday. Happy Birthday, dude! 39 is gonna be a great year for you!

Favorite Track: “Krokodil Dundee” off the split with Minimum Wage Assassins. Honestly, this is probably my favorite song to come out this year. The video is pretty sweet too:

Find Meth Leppard on Bandcamp.