Track Premiere: Rising – ‘Hunger and Exile’

Photo: Naya Butch

Rising don’t fuck around. The Danish melodic metal group released three high-quality albums between 2011 and 2016 and their fourth is on the way. Sword and Scythe will drop later this month via Indisciplinarian, and today, Decibel has a video for their newest song, “Hunger and Exile.”

According to the band, “Hunger and Exile” is the most political song on the album, exploring mankind’s progress and regression throughout history.

“’Hunger And Exile’ is a song about globalization and migration,” offers singer Morten Grønnegård. “A powerful and rich city has polluted its surroundings and exploited all its neighbors’ resources, forcing the humans outside the city to seek exile within its protecting walls. Here the refugees will only be tolerated as servants to the greedy citizens, but time will turn the tables, empires falls due to their own ignorance and greed, and those once masters will become thralls.”

And, of course, the song rocks. Melodies and big riffs abound, and the chorus will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Watch the video below and head to Indisciplinarian to preorder (US here).