Technical Death Metal Outfit Bloodtruth Share ‘Making of’ Video for Latest Album “Martyrium”

There’s a ton of work that goes into making an album, especially one as technical as Bloodtruth‘s Martyrium. The Italian tech death quintet loaded the LP with involved riffs and musicianship played at high speeds, bludgeoning away at the listener with fancy fretwork, never-ending blast beats and guttural vocals. Bloodtruth shared with Decibel a “making of” video that takes the viewer through the steps of recording Martyrium.

“Writing and recording Martyrium was a very intense process!” Bloodtruth relayed to Decibel. “We really focused on every little detail of the whole release. One of the most important is the recording session for sure! We spent quite long time to get things done properly, so we ‘d like to share with you some personal moments and sneak peeks about this ‘journey.’”

Check it out below; Martyrium is out now on Unique Leader.