Track Premiere: The Atrocity Exhibit – ‘The Bitter Aftertaste of Exploitation’

UK grind crew The Atrocity Exhibit are able to jam a lot of grind into a short amount of time, which is kind of their M.O. on their new album, Extinction Solution. Play fast, finish song, play fast, finish song, repeat until album is complete. Fortunately, it’s a system that works. Over 22 minutes and 19 songs, The Atrocity Exhibit slather relentless grindcore with filthy crust and burly sludge, that combination never more evident than on one of Extinction Solution‘s longer cuts, “The Bitter Aftertaste of Exploitation.”

Full-speed-ahead grindcore screeches to a halt for slow, sludgy mosh parts as joint vocalists (and guitarist/bassist, respectively) James Caygill and Dave Lyon shriek their way through the pulverizing track.

“It’s essentially about how people are willing to exploit and mistreat others for their own gain or to save face,” The Atrocity Exhibit state. “Sociopaths, bullies, liars, users and abusers, you see it regularly politically, socially, at work, the press or even social media. Anything that makes them look good at the expense of someone else. Sometimes it catches up with them, but a lot of the time they are very successful with it.”

Get your anger out with “The Bitter Aftertaste of Exploitation” below. A host of preorder options are available here. WOOAAARGH releases the album on November 9.