Full Album Stream: Psychotomy – “Aphotik”

Psychotomy place high a long list of killer Italian death metal bands (Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity, et al), and their new album Aphotik should bump them up the list. On Aphotik, Psychotomy merge their ability to write high-speed death metal with a penchant for gloomy, dissonant death metal a la Incantation, as heard on songs like “Blasphemous Inception” and “Blood Red Kvlt,” where the band change gears with ease.

If you last checked in with Psychotomy on their debut LP, Antimonia, in 2015, you’ll find a vastly different band, which could be attributed to lineup changes in the years since. Whatever the reason, this change is welcome; stream Aphotik below.

Aphotik is out September 28 on Italian death metal label Everlasting Spew.