Track Premiere: Lifelost – ‘Metanoia’

Wormed vocalist Phlegeton is a talented musician, having played in a number of other bands in addition to the tech/brutal death metal giants. One of those bands is solo project Lifelost, in which Phlegeton mans all instruments to create dark, consuming black metal that sounds absolutely nothing like Wormed. On first release Dialogues From Beyond, Phlegeton weaves dissonance and melody seamlessly into cold, atmospheric black metal. New offering “Metanoia” harnesses those elements and melds them together, pulling you down the dark worm(ed)hole, building to a peak that feels like it could consume the listener. ”

“Two decades working on different styles of music and suddenly I have found an escape route from the conventional,” Phlegeton tells Decibel. “I have seen an opening towards to the unknown, where the irrational, the most primary part of the psyche is evoked. Many gloomy emotions are hidden behind these tracks, that are close to an almost cinematic and abrupt surrealism, finding myself comfortable even in the murkiest of paths.”

Dialogues from Beyond arrives on October 28 via Transcending Obscurity.