Track Premiere: Culled – ‘Scorn’

Photo: Daniel Torres

Political tensions in the world are running high, and Culled want you to know that they’re not down with it. Combining their searing take on the state of the world with a sludgy grind assault, Culled back their statements with tight songwriting and aggressive performance. On their debut album Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn, Culled wrap angular grindcore in thick sludge, spitting out blasts, mosh parts and distinctive vocals that reflect the band’s disgusted mindset. 

Check out “Scorn” from Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn.

“It’s a commentary on the historical amnesia our society suffers from,” explains vocalist Shane Hawco. “All the learning from the horrors of the past are being forgotten and overshadowed by vapid consumerism, a shallow internal personal outlook, and the lack of empathy of the world outside our own limited sphere. It’s a call to waken an awareness in anyone who will listen and drive them to see the world as a better place when embraced in love and empathy for our fellow man. We recorded the album ourselves in true DIY spirit.”

The whole shebang hits the streets on October 26 via Hibernation Release and Culled.