Track Premiere: The Odious Construct – ‘Vortex of Self’

The Odious Construct are looking to turn melodic death metal on its head if their new album Shrine of the Obscene is any indication. Take new offering “Vortex of Self” as an example: melodic death metal in the vein of The Black Dahlia Murder mixes with the blistering technicality of a modern technical band like Alterbeast without compromising the integrity of either sound.

Guitarists Wesley Yee and Ben Jackson dance around the fretboard with gusto, and The Odious Construct’s rhythm section (bassist Sam Datu and drummer KC Brand) function like a machine. Vocalist Casey Ryle tops it off with interesting vocal patterns. As demonstrated with “Vortex of Self,” everything The Odious Construct have written takes what the band did on their self-titled EP from two years ago and ups the ante. More guitar leads, more solos, more impressive musicianship.

“This upcoming EP is a progression from the previous self-titled EP,” The Odius Construct collectively explained to Decibel. “While still melodic, there is more speed and technicality involved, and there is more experimentation with orchestra instruments. Thematically, the writing is still dark. The lyrics revolve around psychological disorders, horror, suicide, etc. The goal of this EP was to include more dynamics musically and more diverse instrumentation. We are still a melodic death metal band but we are incorporating more modern elements to the music stylistically.”