Nicolas Cage’s Weapon in ‘Mandy’ Was Inspired by Celtic Frost Logo

Nicolas Cage stars in the new action/horror film Mandy that was released today. Cage plays Red Miller, a character in the acid-inspired film who falls into insanity and somehow ends up wielding a sword dubbed The Beast, which writer/director Panos Cosmatos says was inspired by the “F” in the Celtic Frost logo.

“It’s called The Beast, and I think the one that’s actually made out of metal is out in L.A. with SpectreVision,” Cosmatos told The Daily Beast. “I have one of the replicas—one of the stunt chrome-layer ones. My friend Jeffrey Halliday designed the original sketch for it, which is based on the ‘F’ from the Celtic Frost logo. I wanted it to feel almost like a manifestation of Red’s insanity. Instead of just as a weapon, it was like a crystallized object of his grief.”

I haven’t seen the full movie yet, but the trailer leads me to believe that it isn’t a stretch that Mandy drew at least some visual inspiration from extreme metal. Check out the trailer below to see Cage kick some serious ass with The Beast and some other crazy psychedelic horror scenes.

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