Watch: Organectomy Sate Their “Carnal Bloodlust” in Gory New Video

Brutal death metal should come with equally brutal visuals, right? That is most definitely the case for Organectomy‘s new video for “Carnal Bloodlust,” a track culled from their Domain of the Wretched full-length which was re-released by Unique Leader this spring. The video, which stars vocalist Alex Paul, shows the main character wearing a blood-soaked apron as he chops up and prepares to dine on raw meat (human flesh?).

“‘Carnal Bloodlust,’ the mid-way point of our debut full-length Domain of the Wretched’, finds itself being brought to life in video form,” Organectomy tell Decibel. “In which the sporadic, gore-ridden scenes detail the subjects descent into madness, portrayed here by our frontman Alex Paul, as a parasite consumes his mind and takes control of his body causing him to have an insatiable need for blood, carnage and viscera.”

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