Full Album Stream: Witch King – “Voice of the Ossuary”

Voice of the Ossuary, the debut full length from Rhode Island power trio Witch King, comes ten years after the band formed and released their demo. That time was spent releasing a plethora of other demos, a split and an EP, but it’s all been leading up to this. Voice of the Ossuary, their darkest, most vicious material to date. Ten tracks of unmitigated, unrelenting armageddon. No intros. No interludes. Only killer track after killer track until your brains are but a pulpy mess of profaned meat. With drums like spikes driven into your skull, riffs like demon-filled maelstroms, and radioactive vocals, Voice of the Ossuary is bound to be one of the deadliest records of this year.

Voice of the Ossuary comes out this Friday on CD and vinyl formats via Blood Harvest. But we’ve got the exclusive full album stream right here.

Says the band: “We spawn sounds in resonance with the eternal echo of death. Succumb to madness and embrace the void.”

Voice of the Ossuary