Track Premiere: Untimely Demise – ‘Lethal Enforcers’

Photo: Erin Lindsay

Canadian band Untimely Demise have been fine-tuning their unique hybrid of thrash and death metal over the past decade, and are set to release their fourth full-length No Promise of Tomorrow on October 31. Finding the right balance between Mustaine and Schuldiner influences can be a tricky one, but the songwriting team of Saskatchewan brothers Matt and Murray Cuthbertson not only nail it with every new record, but keep getting better and better each time out.

Case in point: new track “Lethal Enforcers”, which accentuates Matt’s dazzling technicality on lead guitar (he also doubles as co-lead guitarist with veteran progressive death band Into Eternity) yet makes room for some tasty twin harmonies reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Angel Witch. Factor in bassist Murray’s thoughtful lyrics about the continuing tragic story of retired pro hockey fighters struggling with brain trauma, and you’ve got a riveting helping of true Canadian metal.

“With No Promise of Tomorrow I was definitely trying to explore a variety of different styles that inspire me when it comes to Heavy Metal,” says Matt. “It is no secret that we are heavily influenced by the Bay Area thrash scene from the ’80s (Megadeth/Testament) as well as the Florida Death Metal scene (especially Chuck Schuldiner), but I’ve always felt that I never want to get too far away from bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest (these groups have made daily appearances in my stereo for the past 2 decades). With ‘Lethal Enforcers’ I wanted to really go for that NWOBHM sound. As well, I think the heavy use of minor 3rd harmony on the track gives it a melodic vibe.”

Adds Murray, “Thematically, this album is about living life to the fullest and the consequences that are a byproduct of that. Basically we are inferring that there is no promise of tomorrow, so start living and enjoying your life today. We chose to release ‘Lethal Enforcers’ first because of it’s strong melodic sensibility, paired with Matt’s brutal, blackened thrash vocals and unabashed shredding. We wanted to show everyone something that is totally different than what we did with the last album, Black Widow. Lyrically, the song deals with the struggles faced by people with C.T.E. and other acquired brain injuries, specially those who fill the role of enforcers in the NHL. It talks about the price they pay to be in the big show and how isolating and destructive that job can be on the individual. When Matt handed me the demo for this tune, I listened to it numerous times trying to formulate a lyrical concept. Then on a frigid, -25 Celsius night in Saskatoon I was skating around, shooting some pucks by myself at the neighborhood rink and the words ‘Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy’ popped in my head. I ran home after my skate and wrote the lyrics in one stream of consciousness stroke.”

Crank “Lethal Enforcers” below, and be sure to pre-order No Promise of Tomorrow at Bandcamp.