Decibel Meter: Pig Destroyer’s Unkind Mind Grind

Many head-crushingly heavy months have passed since we announced our partnership with f.y.e. for the Decibel Meter, a monthly collection featured both online and in store to make sure you don’t miss any of the essential brain-cell-destroying, face-melting titles that make your collection extremely extreme. This month’s Decibel Meter corresponds to our issue with Pig Destroyer on the cover, and parallels some of the serious change found on their just-released six full-length Head Cage

Those familiar with the grindcore extraordinaires can attest that the only constant is that there is no constant; and Head Cage is no different, bringing the signature heavier-than-everything fury and intensity but also with some clear expansion. Guitarist Scot Hull explains: “Rather than going back to what I normally listen to, I changed things. I would listen to deliberately slower material, and derive inspiration from that. When you change up what you listen to, you will get inspired in return.” And while this concept is certainly something to expand the mind, the body can follow suit, as Hull reflects regarding physical training. “If you do the same things over, your muscles get accustomed to to the work and don’t respond to anything. If you switch everything up, your muscles will respond better. So, that’s what I did with this record.” In line with these sentiments, this month, f.y.e. has got a list of titles filled with innovation to expand your mind and fuel your gym sessions alike.

Heady innovation and muscular riffing are both in abundance in other picks from this month. Notably and exceptionally is the phenomenal leap forward from Ohio melodic/death thrashers Skeletonwitch, Devouring Radiant Light, which spotlights a more complex and catchy vision of their ripping riffs. And for those looking for some gym fuel after Scott Hull’s statements, the list has that too, in the form of some serious muscle crunchers with a powerhouse of a self-titled album from death metal mainstays Jungle Rot, and metal legend Dee Snider’s For the Love of Metal, complete with a very ripped looking Dee on the cover.

To add some mind-expanding and body-building new titles to your collection, check out the full list of this month’s Decibel Meter at f.y.e.’s website, or head straight to the nearest f.y.e location.