Track Premiere: Burial Shrine – ‘To See Beyond the Mask’

Burial Shrine are a brand new black metal trio from Vancouver, BC. Information regarding the three musicians behind Burial Shrine is scant, but we do know that the seven songs comprising their debut album, Labyrinth of Bridges, are the result of four years of reclusive writing.

Labyrinth of Bridges comes out September 23rd on Saturnal Records. Today we have a sneak preview of Burial Shrine’s debut with “To See Beyond the Mask.”

“‘To See Beyond The Mask’ is a devotional song,” says the band. “It reflects upon the depth and the mysteries of the adversarial force in nature, Satan. Though the trials He presents us in our lives often appear as terrible, even horrific, it is through these ordeals that we are able to learn and grow. The song is about seeing beyond this ‘mask’ of terror and recognizing the radiant face behind it, the kindness of His guiding hand. Strength is found in adversity. The concept of the ‘face’ and the ‘mask’ in these lyrics is heavily inspired by the writings of Johannes Nefastos in Discordamelior, from his book Fosforos.”

“To See Beyond the Mask”

Pre-order Labyrinth of Bridges here.