Track Premiere: Devils Teeth – ‘Dirty Tricks’

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” That sentiment has been written numerous times throughout history, but most people know it from 1995 crime flick The Usual Suspects. For Wisconsin surf-punks Devils Teeth, their greatest trick was debunking the myth that writing their new single “Dirty Tricks” was supposed to be some sort of tedious, laborious endeavor.

“Dirty Tricks is one of those songs that come together when you feel like you’re capturing lightning in a bottle,” shares Devils Teeth. “Eric [Arsnow] was just messing around with the grimy bass riff before practice, and [vocalist/guitarist] Jon [Hanusa] took notice and wanted to make it into a song. Everything snowballed from there.”

While the bass certainly rollicks to start the “Dirty Tricks,” Devils Teeth soon pile on the reverb. Maybe Milwaukee isn’t famous for their shaka-worthy waves, but Devils Teeth still honor surf rock’s rich history, from the legendary Dick Dale to Lecherous Gaze. By the time the hooks start hitting 43 seconds in, you’re gonna want to hang-ten on the nearest piece of furniture that will sustain your weight a few beers into a six-pack. Their debut record Suki Yaki Hot! serves up sizzling sun-bleached riffs, shout-along choruses, and the Spaghetti Western swagger that defined Eastwood’s cooler-than-thou Man With No Name characters.

Get filthy and stream “Dirty Tricks” below before Devils Teeth release Suki Yaki Hot! from Triple Eye Industries on August 24th.

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