Track Premiere: Sepulcher – ‘Abyssal Horror’

Three years ago, an unknown band burst from the shadows of the Norwegian underground. They called themselves Sepulcher and their debut album, Mausoleum Tapestry, was a deranged whirlwind of death thrash perfection. Now the Fusa-based quartet return with a sophomore album that proves Mausoleum Tapestry was no fluke.  

“Crafting mayhem as if it were a fine art, Sepulcher rage through their new album Panoptic Horror with an energy that never wavers,” says Iscariah, Edged Circle Productions’ boss, who also released Sepulcher’s stunning debut. According to him, “[Sepulcher] have captured the sound of the genre’s emergence and recreated it flawlessly.”

“Abyssal Horror”

Pre-order Panoptic Horror (available on CD and LP formats) here.

Get the tape version from Morbid Skull here.