Terror Vocalist Scott Vogel Picks His 10 Favorite Hardcore Albums

Terror frontman Scott Vogel loves hardcore. If you’ve ever seen the group live, that bleeds through with every song and bit of stage banter Vogel delivers in between calls for more stage dives. Since the band has a new album, Total Retaliation, coming out on September 28, Decibel caught up with Vogel to learn about his 10 favorite hardcore albums. What follows are his picks and commentary.

It’s hard to pick only ten records here but these are the ones that’s impacted me the most and shaped my love for hardcore.

Agnostic Front – Victim in Pain
This, in my opinion, should be the starting point for anyone first getting into hardcore. This record is fast, dirty and completely aggressive, and lyrics that speak of society’s decay and injustice.

Warzone – Don’t Forget the Struggle, Don’t Forget the Streets
This may be my favorite record ever and I think it’s a perfect representation of NYHC. The layout photos are so cool and even the thank-you list on this record is worth an hour of dissection.

Leeway – Born to Expire
Much more of a crossover sound and Eddie can really sing. I believe this might be the first taste of Normandy Sound Recording Studio (Cro Mags, Sick of It All, Demolition Hammer) that so manny bands used after this record. Perfect cover art and again, great lyrics that reflect the times.

Youth of Today – We’re Not in This Alone
Ray’s [Cappo] vocals are so insane on this things. The speed is unmatched and there is just an energy on this record that can’t be denied. Super cool cover photo and ultra youth crew layout makes this one of my favorite records out.

Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today
Hardcore really took a turn towards melody and maybe more fun and less anger on this masterpiece. Walter [Schreifels, guitar] is a songwriting genius and I would say this has to be one of the most loved LPs of all times in the underground.

Turning Point – It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

In the same vein as Start Today, New Jersey’s Turning Point’s only album is close to perfect. Great energy and amazing drummers really carry this thing from start to finish.

Madball – Set It Off
Street-level reality like hardcore had never heard before. This record hits like a ton of bricks and still holds up to any record I have ever heard as the hardest ever. [In the Hate5six video above, Vogel shouts out Madball as the greatest hardcore band ever.—ed]

Integrity – Those Who Fear Tomorrow
There is something disturbing in the Cleveland water ’cause the bands that came from the hardcore scene in the early ’90s were pretty demented yet beautiful. Maybe a cross between Judge and Slayer, this record is a classic.

Hatebreed – Satisfaction is the Death of Desire
Hatebreed broke down every barrier and shattered every ceiling with this debut classic. The music is so direct and to the point and Jamey’s voice and lyrics are 100-percent ear shattering and also completely memorable after one listen.

No Warning – Ill Blood
I have to idea how five young kids from Toronto made such an amazing album so influenced by NYHC, but they did. Ben’s vocals backed by some amazing riffs drive this record with undeniable power and spirit.