Track Premiere: Maligner – ‘Lust for Fire’

They’re Maligner, not Malinger, much to the chagrin of my computer’s obnoxious autocorrect function. I don’t know about you but these sort of quote-unquote convenient functions drive me up the wall, and especially made writing this track premiere a brief and laborious root canal.

Which isn’t to whine, it’s just to underline: any band that can make me wrestle with Apple’s best authoritarian effort to not make me look like an idiot better be fucking good. And Maligner are indeed fucking good.

This Swedish power trio go absolutely deaththrashing mad, evoking simultaneously the velocity of early Exodus, the memorable guitar licks of Death Angel, and even a little of the old Dave Vincent-era Morbid Angel magick on their upcoming full-length Attraction to Annihilation. They keep their songs mercifully tight — “Lust for Fire” lasts barely four minutes but rolls through enough tempo changes and riff alternations to fuel a whole “cavernous” death-doom album. By the time it’s over, it feels as though they’ve barely started, and Maligner continually leave me breathless on Attraction to Annihilation.

Attraction to Annihilation is out on 8/31 via Blood Harvest records. Pre order it here.