Track Premiere: Violation Wound – ‘The Church of Go Fuck Yourself’

Up the metalpunks with a new track from Chris Reifert’s Violation Wound. The Autopsy mastermind’s punk/metal group will release a split with Cliterati via Tankcrimes, and today Decibel is stoked to drop new single “The Church of Go Fuck Yourself.”

At 1:45, it’s the longest song on Violation Wound’s side of the split, with defiant lyrics about thinking for yourself and telling your enemies to go fuck themselves.

“We here at VW headquarters are fired up, stoked and foaming at the mouth about this here snazzy split with Cliterati,” Reifert tells Decibel. “Listen if you want to have your brain melted into liquid magma while you get your ass handed to you.”

Cliterati and Violation Wound will release their split on July 27. Head to Tankcrimes to preorder and hear Cliterati’s “Alt-Wrong.”