Full Album Stream: Blasphemous – “Emerging Through Fire”

Black/death dealers Blasphemous were originally active from 2003-2013, before splitting up and reforming in 2016 with a brand new lineup aside from founding vocalist Ron Kaiser (R.K.). Their first album in eight years, Emerging Through Fire, is appropriately titled, signifying a band reborn with fresh life.

The production on Emerging Through Fire is leagues ahead of their last release, Bearer of Darkest Plagues. R.K.’s vocals are stronger and the death metal elements of Blasphemous’ sound are more pronounced.

“This album has been a journey for sure,” R.K. tells Decibel. “When Blasphemous reformed, we all found a great chemistry together and it definitely comes through on the album. There’s a great deal of growth lyrically and musically. And especially with Hal Microutsicos adding his vocals along with his songwriting, but everyone did a killer job, Mark (drums), Josh (bass) and Steve (lead guitars). They all gave the album great depth while still having some dark melodic moments too.”

Emerging Through Fire is out on July 27 via Horror Pain Gore Death.