For Those About to Squawk: Otep, Statiqbloom, Outline

What up, beak freaks?  It’s me, Waldo, here, looking to tell you all about some new releases… So PECK it out!

It’s no real secret that this birdbrain is not really a fan of Napalm Record and Otep’s Kult 45 is no exception. So, what about this, huh?  Well, it’s Otep alright. There’s not much to be surprised about here. This is watered-down nu metal and rapcore (ugh) and just is lame as can be. There have to be some people somewhere that like this stuff, right? This is almost to inconsequential to hate on. I mean, is this stuff relevant at all? So here’s the deal, this is slick and polished and an Otep record… next stop, the “active rock” station. Not my jam.

2 Fucking Pecks

So, Outline is speed metal. Their new record on Hell’s Headbangers is speed metal. The new record called Fire Whiplash is speed metal. Enough about this being speed metal right? (Note: I get an extra $.05 every time I type speed metal). This is a continuation of the Demona project and it’s a raw sort of proto-speed metal. This is kinda awesome in its simplicity; there’s nothing here to be shocked by. Fast thrashy hymns to metal and hell and things like that. The production here sounds like it could’ve stepped out of 1984 and really lends to the overall feel. The vocals are where the rub is. Vocally, there is nothing that could get closer to what is needed, but there’s something here I can’t put my wing on that’s a little off.  It’s not that the vocals are bad, it just seems that there needs to be a little more power here, but overall, this doesn’t detract from the record. So get out your jean jacket and beak bang to this.

7 Fucking Pecks.

One of my favorite bands of late, although not “metal” in the traditional sense, Statiqbloom is putting out their 6th release, Infinite Spectre, on Translation Loss.  This is a dark industrial duo that has members of Tombs and Batillus and I’m pecking digging it. This is heavy at times, beautiful and dark. Drum machines, distorted yowls and some dancy “riffage” pepper this. To say this sounds like Skinny Puppy would be an insult to the creativity put into this, but this channels early Wax Trax with a modern update.  Do yourself a favor and check this out. All of their releases are great, but Infinite Spectre is killer.

8 Fucking Pecks

Until next time… Waldo out