Full Album Stream: Jungle Rot – “Jungle Rot”

Since the early ’90s, death metal outfit Jungle Rot have released a steady stream of albums, plus an EP and a Decibel flexi. Three years after 2015’s Order Shall Prevail comes a self-titled effort, which drops this Friday on Victory Records.

Jungle Rot sees the band double down on their groovy style of death metal, continuing with the sound set on previous records. The album starts with a war-themed video for “Send Forth Oblivion,” which Decibel spoke to guitarist/vocalist Dave Matrise about.

“The video for ‘Send Forth Oblivion’ is a sequel from our last video ‘The Unstoppable’ taking from where that left off. We came up with the idea of more of a movie roll theme, something that we have not done yet. In the video we been in battle for many days, we are tired left without supplies and a man down. We lost everything we had from battle. There is panic while being trapped in a bunker trying to figure out what our next move is to survive. We have been brain-washed, like an experiment by the people of power. ‘Send Forth Oblivion’ lyrically expresses what these surviving soldiers are thinking as they ponder what’s become of humanity. Greed and power has brought the downfall of society. Is there any hope?”

“We are very excited to release this video, as it a new style for us,” adds guitarist Geoff Bub. “It was a ton of fun to film and I hope, because of that, it makes this video timeless. The video shows the end game of humanity. The only ones left are the power elite and the three of us. The experiments they did prevented them from eliminating us, Operation Oblivion could be their own demise!”

Listen to Jungle Rot and watch the video for “Send Forth Oblivion” below.