Track Premiere: Crud – ‘Catacombs’

Crud first landed on my radar when I saw that they’d be touring with Canadian sludge dealers Dopethrone, who recently released their Transcanadian Anger full-length. Stylistically, they’re a perfect fit to tour with Dopethrone. Though the Florida quartet take a pass on the sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor that litters Dopethrone’s music, Crud can hang with the darkest, most miserable sludge practitioners on the planet. Just look at new song “Catacombs” for an example.

“Catacombs” comes from a split with Black Tomb. It absolutely oozes feedback and misery, moving at a slow crawl. Vocalist Andy’s screams sound like they’re assaulting his vocal cords and the drums keep a steady, slow march while lethargic riffs play out and dissolve into the noisy ether.

“We’ve gone through some changes since our 2016 debut album, so it’s exciting to release new music,” Crud state. “Yeah, it’s angry and restless but in a shit-littered time like this, it’s tough to make anything sound optimistic. ‘Catacombs’ is waking up in the morning and wondering ‘now what.’ They’re tunes for shooting tequila with the few people who don’t piss you off. ”

Crud’s split with Black Tomb will see release on Halloween (October 31) via Totem Cat Records, where they are labelmates with the previously-mentioned Dopethrone.