Track Premiere: Zevious – ‘Smear Campaign’

Those already familiar with Zevious will know what to expect from “Smear Campaign,” the first jam from the power trio’s Lowlands album. For the uninitiated, Zevious contains members of Dysrhythmia, Sabbath Assembly, Many Arms, Smother Party and other out-there acts, playing off-kilter instrumental music combining elements of jazz, metal and prog. Their 2013 album, Through the Wall, is a total mindfucker and Lowlands promises to do the same, albeit in a more streamlined way.

“’Smear Campaign’ was one of the most challenging songs to develop for this album,” Zevious say. “Whenever we play this one, we feel like there are a lot of opportunities for the song to derail. When we got into the studio, we felt like it finally clicked and all the parts came together. We poured a ton of energy into the performance and the song seemed to come alive in a way it hadn’t before.”

Lowlands will be released by Nefarious Industries on August 17.