Video Premiere: Not My Master – ‘Acadence’

Texas groove metal unit Not My Master release their new EP, Disobey, today. Built on a more extreme version of the sound popularized by Pantera, Exhorder and their contemporaries with healthy doses of southern rock and sludge, Disobey has a unique but familiar sound.

In addition to their album release, the band have prepared a music video for album opener “Acadence.” A mixture of the band playing and rioting protestors, the video certainly reflects a title like Disobey. 

“I hope this song knocks people the fuck out,” the band tell Decibel. “I feel like there’s some bad energy in our country. I don’t like it I’m not feeling it. We can’t blindly follow bullshit and tarnish the word patriotism. I am not here to just obey. Silence is acceptance.”

Disobey is out today.