Track Premiere: Outline ‘Black Eyed Devil’


Speed metal mavens Outline (formerly Demona) are ushering in a new era of retro-cool with new album Fire Whiplash (out July 31st on Hellsheadbangers). Drawing on an early ’80s leather gauntlet of obscure Teutonic rage in the form of Wardance, Living Death, and Violent Force, Outline’s — featuring The Speed (vocals/guitars) and The Hammer (drums/all other instruments) — riffs, rhythms, and style rip through the decades as if the 1990s never existed. But Outline aren’t merely thriving on the threads of dead bands. They’re taking songwriting and aesthetic influence from old (but living) gods Destruction, Judas Priest, and Metallica as well. The result is a powerful barrage of nasty licks and headbanging insanity.

Says The Speed about her formative years (as Demona): “My life has been hard. When I was like 15 I felt the need of expressing repressed feelings somehow, so I decided to learn to play guitar. It was a perfect solution. I tried to make a band with friends but nothing was taken serious; I wanted compromise and responsibility so one day, when my band split, I just dared to sing and I learnt about drum-machines. I wanted something serious so bad, but the entire scene in my region didn’t think it was a good idea having a female-fronted band, or something. Some girls were trying to make a girls’ band and they contacted me to be a guitarist, but it was a joke. I was bullied quite a lot back when I started, some people threatened me, some wished me bad, etc.”

The Speed is now residing in Cleveland. With drummer/multi-instrumentalist The Hammer in tow, she’s free to express her love of forgotten gems and popular masters in the form of Outline. Fire Whiplash is red-hot! Burn with Outline’s fire on new track “Black Eyed Devil.”

** Outline’s debut album, Fire Whiplash, is out July 31st, 2018 on Hellsheadbangers. Pre-orders can be found (HERE) on CD and name-your-price, high-fidelity digital download (HERE).