Full Album Stream: Torn the Fuck Apart – “A Genetic Predisposition to Violence”

If, after viewing the album art and reading the artist name/album title, you’re still reading these words, you probably have a good idea of what to expect from Torn the Fuck Apart‘s A Genetic Predisposition to Violence. The Kansas City brutal death dealers are incredibly good at what they do: song titles that could’ve come from the darker recesses of Jeffrey Dahmer’s mind, technical riffs, blast-happy drumming and grunted vocals.

Highlights of A Genetic Predisposition to Violence include pseudo-slam riffing in “Boiled, Chopped and Slopped,” the bizarrely catchy “Dad’s Head for Dinner” and closing ripper (pun very much intended) “Compulsion to Torture.” In short, Torn the Fuck Apart don’t reinvent the wheel; they beat you to death with it instead.

“This record is the most brutal TTFA album yet, released on the most brutal label on the planet… Gore House!” exclaims guitarist/vocalist Mike Langer.