Track Premiere: Tunjum – ‘La Maldicion de la Bruja’

Tunjum was formed in 2007 by drummer/vocalist Clara “Kultarr” Herrera. Since then Tunjum’s released a handful of demos and EPs, participated in a 4-way split with other Lima acts, and underwent several lineup changes. Now, in the year 2018, the trio are poised finally to unleash their debut full length on the unsuspecting world.

Like some kind of pagan mythological beast conjured forth by sacrificial blood, Tunjum’s debut album, Deidades del Inframundo rises up from murky depths full of ancestral rage and dogged barbarism. Since their inception 11 years ago, Tunjum have centered their themes and lyrics around the ancient Moche culture, a pre-Columbian civilization that prospered from 100 AD until about 700 AD in Lima. According to the band’s press sheet, the name Tunjum itself is “also rooted in the Moche language, . . . taken from the combined verb for killing and dying.”

From Tunjum’s debut album . . .

“La Maldicion de la Bruja”

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