Video Premiere: Forming the Void – ‘On We Sail’

Progressive doom crew Forming the Void will release their new album, On We Sail, on August 17 via Kozmik Artifactz. Their third full-length, it contains some of their most potent riffs and best-written songs to date. Don’t believe us? Watch the new video for title track “On We Sail” below; if foggy forests, robed figures and crushing cans of Miller Lite around the campfire while listening to Black Sabbath sound like your idea of a good time, you’ll love what Forming the Void are putting down on.

The song actually has a deeper meaning, as guitarist vocalist James Marshall tells Decibel. 

“‘On We Sail’ is lyrically about being on a ship and being sucked into a portal that blasts out into space, and in that moment, accepting the path into the unknown and that it might be the end of the road for you,” he offers. “It’s meant be a victorious thing, although it sounds really negative. We were brainstorming video ideas and wanted to kind of make fun of ourselves and our previous video for ‘Three Eyed Gazelle’ so, we got a bunch of our friends together out in the woods of rural south Louisiana and made this. We wanted to go with something beyond a regular performance video and do something light-hearted. A good friend of ours David Rabalais does videos for a living and was down to help us capture the idea. We also enlisted some help from our buddy Jai Benoit of Golgothan to play the monster and assist with the vision. This is just another night with Forming the Void and friends. It was fun to spoof the first video and we shot at the same location with some of the same people plus more of our friends. All that together just made it a comedy.”