Organ Dealer Unleash the Fury on Upcoming Three-Way Split

Anyone who has been following the rather blossoming Philadelphia grindcore scene for the past few years has surely come across the name Organ Dealer in one way or another. The grindcore powerhouse are quickly establishing themselves as one of Philly/NJ/NYC’s premiere extreme metal acts, marrying technical precision and ferocity at an almost unparalleled level.

Following 2015 debut full length Visceral Infection and last year’s split LP with Birdflesh, Organ Dealer have returned to decimate your earholes with a three-way split LP featuring Nerve Grind from Long Beach and Oakland’s own Invertebrate. For this album, the band decided to record with Triac’s Kevin Bernstein at his Developing Nations Recording Studio outside of Baltimore. The songs here feature a slightly harsher production quality than the band’s previous work, which only amplifies the intensity and mayhem.

Here is a sneak peak at the first song on the album, “Feed.” The split drops on July 1st on Night Animal Records.