Full EP Stream: Dischordia – “Binge/Purge”

Binge/Purge, the brand new EP from US death metal trio Dischordia, is an ambitious, concept-driven beast. Clocking in at two songs and over 24 minutes of music, the EP is a bold combination of ideas in the vein of acts like Gorguts, regularly dipping its toes into avant-garde death metal territory. Employing dissonance, technicality and a general willingness to rewrite or throw out the rulebook, Dischordia frequently hop from idea—often including non-traditional death metal instruments like keys, flute and marimba—to idea on Binge/Purge, wrapping it up in a Colin Marston mix-and-master job.

Binge/Purge is a modern take on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy within our own political-cultural system,” Dischordia tell Decibel. We enjoy telling stories with our music. Thanatopsis was a new level for us stylistically in searching for our sound. Binge/Purge builds on that progress and allows us to stretch our skills within a concept EP. ”

Dischordia will independently release Binge/Purge on June 15, but Decibel has the exclusive early stream. Hear it below.