Track Premiere: Drawn and Quartered- “Deliverance to the Worms”

Great death metal is all about stirring the imagination, taking it to dark, sometimes horrifying places. This deliverance from the everyday, mundane subject matter of modern live is one of the many things that sets it apart from music played by nice young men in cardigans at your local coffee shop. After all, I can’t imagine hearing lyrics like these at a Starbucks (though that would totally rule):

High upon the stench of terror
Pleasure as my blade slides in
Lust as life is draining
Glutton for the screams and pain

These lines, from Seattle’s Drawn and Quartered, come from their ripping new track, “Deliverance to the Worms.” The song is taken from their latest album, The One Who Lurks, out on July 27 via Krucyator Productions. The music fits the band’s characteristic style that places them alongside the doomy, cavernous hordes in Incantation, Blaspherian, Ritual Necromancy and Dead Congregation. I’m beyond thrilled to see these guys still in action and still owning hard, as I was a huge fan of Hail Infernal Darkness back in the day and spun it endlessly at my college radio station. The band describes the new song like this:

A merciless onslaught upon the faithful. “Deliverance to the Worms” reflects more familiar aspects of Drawn And Quartered: full-throttled aggression, relentless riffage that wastes no time in delivering a crippling bludgeon. The texts, as is the case for much of the new record, are channeled from an almost-forgotten age; a traditional tale of bloodlust and butchery.

In other words, it’s awesome. And you should listen to more of it. Right now. Click play on the track below. Crank it up. In public. Do it now!