Track Premiere: Violent Life Violent Death – ‘Lovers/Deceivers’

Jumpstart your morning with a new song from hardcore maniacs Violent Life Violent Death. The band have just announced their brand new full length, Come, Heavy Breath for a late June release, and the first single, “Lovers/Deceivers,” is streaming below. If you’re into bands like Zao and Every Time I Die, you’ll be a fan of Violent Life Violent Death.

“Lovers/Deceivers” is only two minutes long, but Violent Life Violent Death cram plenty of anger and rage into the song, never slowing down enough to let the listener process what’s happening until it’s over.

“With this song we really wanted to get wild,” the band comment. “All of our other compositions have a decent sense of structure, but with this one we really get loose and let it all out.”

“With [the album] Come, Heavy Breath, we really wanted to illustrate moments of fervor that draw a gasp, or, a heavy breath, as the title depicts,” they elaborate. “These are the moments of awe that we each experience in life, whether they be conjured through excitement, joy, sadness, loss, lust, love, wonder, etc., while bringing them each to life through our music in as straight forward of a manner possible, demanding the attention of the listener.”

Listen to “Lovers/Deceivers” now. Come, Heavy Breath is available to pre-order digitally and physically now.