Track Premiere: Hemdale – ‘Miley’

Sludge stalwarts Fistula have been steadily releasing a series of splits to celebrate the band’s 20-year anniversary, throwing down a mixtures of covers and originals with some of the genre’s darkest luminaries. Their latest is a split with Hemdale, who are streaming their contribution to the split, a song titled “Miley.”

I could spend the next 100 words describing the crushing nature of the new song, but you already expect that from Hemdale. What you might not expect is their explanation of the song.

“The song ‘Miley’ was a long process,” they explain. “Big fans for years of her talent and music. The witty humor of the show Hannah Montana was inspired. Excellent acting and vocal work just made for a wonderful viewing experience. The show ended and we wonder, what now? With Hannah gone, what will this become? Will Miley triumph over Hannah and stand on her own two feet? The worrying then was just a waste of time. She was was a Phoenix rising from the ash of the Hannah Montana show. With talent and grace that can’t be stopped. That is when we knew we needed a song as a tribute to such talent. Thus ‘Miley’ the song was written. It was a fast process, as if God was flowing through our instruments. The song really wrote itself. We were just lucky enough to receive it. How could you not be overwhelmed by her talent and create a lasting tribute. Fistula is a great band and we are really happy to be on a split with them.”