Full Album Stream: Abscess – “Horrorhammer (Reissue)”

Abscess was a horror-themed death metal/punk band featuring members of Autopsy, including Chris Reifert and guitarist Danny Coralles. Always incorporating elements of death/doom, punk and psychedelia into their music, they left behind a relatively large body of work when they disbanded in 2010. Not every project saw vinyl release, however, which is where Horror Pain Gore Death came in. The horror-obsessed independent label is rereleasing 2007’s Horrorhammer, originally released by Tyrant Syndicate. Other than the album making it to wax for the first time, Reifert (drums/vocals) provided Decibel with some additional commentary on the album.

“Looking back on the Abscess days, sometimes I wonder how we survived that band,” Reifert admits. “It was nuts, reckless, drunk, wild, violent and also a lot of fun. After starting off as an insane punk-infused death metal abomination, we then went on to do three heavier albums, riddled with psychedelic weirdness. When the time for Horrorhammer came around, we opted for more of a stripped down approach with lots of punk flavor, or bad taste, depending on who you’re asking. And hey, we had the Darkthrone dudes championing us to the point of releasing the album on their Tyrant Syndicate imprint label! Add to that some absolutely killer art from Dennis Dread and there you go… another chapter in the freakshow of a band called Abscess. Those days can never be repeated and I hope you dig this stuff as much as we do!”

Despite being released over a decade ago, Horrorhammer still holds up with the nastiest of records. Stream the reissue below, and purchase it through HPGD.