Watch: Runescarred – ‘This is Mine’

Rising from the ashes of Dead Earth Politics, one of Texas’ best-kept secrets, comes Runescarred. Charging forward with a sense of heavy metal swagger, the quartet are the full package: soaring, progressive melodies; galloping riffs; a singer who can actually sing and all-around tight musicianship. Their first music video is for the single “This is Mine,” coming from Runescarred’s debut EPWe Are. A self-released and completely DIY effort, the video gives a peek into the recording process for the EP.

“It was important to me that the first video introduce us honestly,” vocalist Ven Scott continues. “Performing on a stage and a larger-than-life manner but also being very open about our process and how we DIY everything from recording to anything else. I think this video is a perfect representation of our intentional dichotomy; master metalsmiths on stage and idiots in real life!”

Runescarred are sure to be a hit with progressive and trad metal fans alike, so what are you waiting for? Watch the video below exclusively via Decibel.

We Are will be released by the band on June 29. You can visit them on Facebook, Twitter and their website.