Full Album Stream: BornBroken – “The Years of Harsh Truths And Little Lies…”

There have been quite a few track and album premieres today, but we haven’t unleashed any pissed-off groove metal… yet. Canadian unit BornBroken are releasing The Years of Harsh Truths And Little Lies…, a raging collection of songs inspired by what the band feel is a reality that’s getting worse. We’ll let the band speak on that aspect, but it’s not controversial to confirm that the songs on The Years of Harsh Truths are brutal and varied enough to appeal to fans of Lamb of God, Sepultura and even groove legends Pantera and Exhorder.

“It is only obvious our music and the metal scene will only grow stronger and more aggressive as the world we live in deteriorates around us, so we must spread our voice and make it known we will be heard and no longer take what is happening sitting down,” lead guitarist Mike Decker says of the album’s meaning. “We do not want the scraps left behind; we all deserve a piece of the pie cooling in the window! Let’s make the world great again…”

Listen to The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies… with an exclusive stream. BornBroken will self-release it on May 18.